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xado nanotechnology for your vehicle

We are proud to bring Space Age NANOTECHNOLOGY to Your Vehicle!

Up to date the XADO products containing Revitalizant® is the BEST protection you can add to your vehicle's mechanisms to restore wearing parts and to prevent further metal wear. You can now increase your vehicle's lifespan by 2-4 times. Yes, it's true!

When added to vehicle's oils, XADO Atomic Revitalizant® rebuilds metal parts at atomic level, reversing wear, restoring engine parts geometry, and adding a self-regulating layer of active nano-ceramic-metal protection to prevent future metal wear.

XADO: NANO-TECH at your fingertips!
xado nanotechnology for your car
xado revitalizant effect on worn metal
xado products
xado metal restoration
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  • Metal restoration at nano-atomic-level.
  • Greatly diminishes components wear.
  • Reduces friction and overloading.
  • Protects from further wear during use.
  • Lowers temperature, noise and vibrations.
  • Reduces Engine Fuel Consumption.
  • Lowers exhaust emissions toxicity (CO2, CO, HC, SO2) - up to 10 times reduction.
  • Maximises operating life of components under stress 2-4 times longer expectancy.
  • XADO's unique restoration process works on anything where there is metal to metal friction under pressure and temperature.
  • 1 XADO treatment lasts up to 100000 km.
  • Offers you Tool-free repair option for mechanisms with almost no downtime.
  • It's a must for any serious maintenance operation where downtime is at premium.
XADO Revitalizant process

XADO rebuilds metal from the inside while the mechanism is working.

Revitalizant® is activated by high-heat and friction, so it only rebuilds metal in high-friction points where metal wear usually occurs. Revitalizant® leaves crank-cases, oil channels, filters and non-friction parts unaffected.

It is unlike any other engine treatment, because it actually works to rebuild metal surfaces, targeting the source of metal wear instead of merely masking the symptoms by just adding better lubrication. Since Revitalizant® is not a lubricant, after the treatment, you do not have to add it to your vehicle over and over again when changing oils.

XADO Revitalizant® does not alter oil viscosity, chemistry or properties, it is safe to use with all motor oils, from full-synthetic to mineral oil. It dissolves completely in the oil and only uses it as a distribution medium around the engine. This makes it safe to use in even the most sensitive vehicles.

Save fuel by treating with xado

    Restores, Rebuilds and Protects:

  • Internal Combustion Engines
  • Fuel Injectors Diesel and Petrol
  • Gearboxes, Differentials and Transfer cases of all kind
  • Power Steering and Oil Pumps
  • Turbos, Fuel Pumps and Distributors
  • CV joints and Bearings
  • Industrial and Mining equipment
  • Military equipment and Weapons


We have a full range of XADO products to suit any requirement. Talk to Us for the best way to treat your vehicle! Click below picture for frequent Q&A:

All products here contain the main XADO ingredient Revitalizant® which is used in the restoration process. XADO's innovative patented nanotechnology gel is the result of 20 years of research and development. It is tested and approved by many independent institutions. Below are just some product examples:

XADO 1-Stage for all engines

    1-Stage Engine Revitalizant:

  • Suitable For Diesel, Petrol and LPG engines
  • 3rd generation 1-Stage easy to apply treatment
  • Restores parts geometry and compensates for ongoing wear
  • Increases and equalizes compression in cylinders
  • Protects metal parts from overheating and overloading
  • Reduces engine noise, vibrations, fuel consumption and exhaust emissions
  • Increase oil pressure up to nominal levels
  • 1 treatment lasts for 100000 km.

XADO Atomic Metal Conditioner for all engines

    Atomic Metal Conditioner with 1-Stage Revitalizant:

  • Suitable For Diesel, Petrol and LPG engines
  • Rebuilds worn engine metal and reverses wear
  • Increases power and acceleration
  • Increase cylinder compression, engine lifespan and reduce nose and vibrations
  • Restores lost oil pressure up to nominal level
  • With 2D Sliding agent for ultra easy surface slide
  • With 1-Stage Revitalizant for restoring
  • With Metal Conditioner for extra level of antiwear
  • Reduce exhaust emissions toxicity (CO2, CO, HC)
  • 1 treatment lasts for 100000 km.

XADO's innovative patented nano-technology is the result of 20 years of research and development. It is tested and approved by many independent institutions.

XADO Certificates

Our mission is to provide quality, comprehensive and trustworthy workmanship at a competitive cost with personal and honest service.

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XADO customer products TESTIMONIES:

BMW-320 E90: Excessive Smoke and Oil consumption

Oil usage of 1L per 1000km. Treatment with XADO 3 x 9ml Gel-Revitalizant for petrol engines. Heavy smoke stopped after approximately 250km. I haven't topped the oil ever since. Also noticed that engine runs very quiet now. Highly recommend the product. Sasha

Nissan Bakkie 2.0D: Excessive Smoke, noise and Oil consumption

Treated with XADO 1-Stage Atomic Metal Conditioner 255ml. 2 days later my bakkie stopped smoking completely, engine runs very smooth now. Noticed increase in power too. Later treated the gearbox too. Wow, what a difference in gear change and noise is gone too. Very happy customer. Angelo

AUDI A5 2012: Excessive Smoke and Oil consumption

My AUDI used like 1.5L Oil per full tank of petrol. Needless to say it was smoking badly especially in the mornings. Treatment was done with XADO 1-Stage Gel-Revitalizant 27ml. 400km later I haven't topped no oil and smoke is completely gone. The "diesel like" noise is also gone. Thanks for saving my car! Karl

Mercedes Benz E320: Very noisy power steering:

Treatment was done with XADO X120 Gel-Revitalizant 9ml. Power steering noise literally gone after only 5-10km of driving. I was suppose to pay R7500 for new pump unit...What a saving! Very happy customer. Thabello

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