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unlock your engine power

We offer You the BEST of POWER or ECONOMY TUNING for Your Vehicle!

We can Remap your engine ECU to deliver INCREASED PERFORMANCE while giving you the BEST FUEL ECONOMY all around. You can choose beforehand how you like your vehicle remapped. Whether it is INCREASED POWER you are after or FUEL ECONOMY - We can help You unleash the hidden power of your engine and Save Money for Fuel !

Save fuel with ecu remapping
power ecu remapping

This is how it all works:
  • You tell us what you desire from your vehicle tuning - MORE POWER or MORE ECONOMY or even if it is just to cure that flat spot in performance you are not very happy with. Just talk to us.
  • We SAVE the original software from your engine ECU - you can always go back to it.
  • We then CUSTOM TUNE your original map software to your requirements and program it back to your engine ECU.
  • You DRIVE away HAPPY and start enjoying the REAL HIDDEN POWER of your vehicle!

This is where we can help you save money by engine retune (remap):

The Hi-Tech Workshop has invested in the most up to date Vehicle Tuning equipment and training to ensure we can give you satisfaction results you can brag about:

Save fuel by engine remap

    We Can Help You Save Real Money !!!

  • FUEL SAVING map - PERFORMANCE map, or a blend of the two - it's your choice
  • Petrol and Diesel Cars, Vans and 4x4's
  • All Trucks and Truck fleets
  • Buses and Public Transport operators
  • Generators and Mining Equipment
  • Tractors & Heavy Earth moving machinery
  • Motor Bikes and Marine engines
  • Some Automatic Transmission Systems
  • Exotic Vehicles and special requests

All Done in 3 Easy Steps:

1: Find out if Your Vehicle can be ReTuned / ReMapped - click here. This list may be outdated so best contact us to find out for sure.

2: Send Us Email with the vehicle details and we will give you the average performance figures to be expected after the remapping.

3: Book Your Vehicle for Remapping and start Enjoying your Drive!

vehicle electronics

It is not just that we increase the Torque and Power of your engine. The Secret is HOW the newly-found extra engine performance is distributed across its work range that makes the difference in response, fuel economy and driving pleasure!

Advantages of Software Tune Remapping:
  • It is Non-intrusive and it costs a fraction of what you pay for "traditional tune-up".
  • Cost efficient and downtime efficient. Remapping usually takes 1 day max.
  • We do not mechanically modify anything on your vehicle.
  • If the vehicle is already fitted with performance parts like say free flow exhaust or higher flow air filters, this is taken in to consideration during map retune.
  • We custom tune the software to your own driving style and for your engine only! This means your friends Vito and your Vito are NOT going to be tuned the same way and the maps are NOT interchangeable. We tune your car for You!
  • You do not loose any warrantee on the vehicle. All work is dealer-undetectable.
  • We only modify the "mapping" part of your engine software. This is the part that the ECU uses to operate the engine during all driving conditions.
  • Your original software map can always be programmed back if you are not happy with the new performance of the vehicle or for whatever reason.
  • Our remapping work is backed by the best remapping company in the world with numerous international excellence awards.
vehicle electronics retune awards

Frequent Question and Answers

Here's some common questions that our customers usually ask before remapping:

  • Q: Why the OEM's did not tune the vehicle like you claim you can do?
  • A: OEM's tune the vehicle for worldwide production. Thus the engine software map is usually heavily cropped to allow the same model to be sold and driven all over the world. They do not tune it for your specific driving conditions: i.e. altitude, driving needs or habits, fuel used etc. etc. This limitation leads to the "best average performance" across the board. It's what we call a "stock map".

  • Q: Can your new map damage or destroy my engine by pushing it too far?
  • A: No! In theory -yes- wrong mapping can impair the engine or cause it to misbehave badly, but only if done maliciously. Our maps are warranted to work safe and not cause any damage. It is not our intend to go out of business! However, if you are not happy with the remap job within reason, you can always go back to your original stock map at no cost.

  • Q: Can a remap job repair my engine?
  • A: No! Your vehicle MUST be in good and sound working order for us to do a meaningful remap job. It is not possible to heal a broken hand just by sticking plaster on it.

  • Q: I have already fitted Performance Exhaust and Air Intake filters. Will the remap job interfere with this?
  • A: All previous performance modifications are taken in to consideration during the remap job. However, we need to be informed of this by you beforehand.

  • Q: I have already fitted Performance Chip or have the software retuned by another tuner but I'm not happy. Can you do a retune job?
  • A: You have to ensure the "chip" is removed and the vehicle have the Original software reinstalled back first. We need the vehicle ECU to be with the original manufacturer software to be able to perform a meaningful remapping.

  • Q: Why you do not offer a switch between a Performance and Economy maps like other "plug and play" devices do?
  • A: Because its simply too dangerous for you to interfere with reprogramming your vehicle. There are some critical conditions that should be meet during reading and writing you ECU, all of which are only meat in controlled environment. Your ECU map is ERASED before programming the new one, so if anything goes wrong during the process, your vehicle isn't going anywhere soon. Besides, it sometimes takes more than one hour just to read the old map of your ECU. So you don't want to be late for work just because you decided you need a economy map today. Also, most vehicles after 2009 simply can not be reprogrammed via the OBDII plug. Plug and play devices are simply not save enough for everyday users.

  • Q: I'm into racing. What can you do for my vehicle?
  • A: Come visit us and we'll discuss your particular needs.

The Hi-Tech Workshop - specialising in Remapping

Our mission is to provide quality, comprehensive and trustworthy workmanship at a competitive cost with personal and honest service.

We are located at:

No: 14, Engwena Street
Sebenza, Edenvale 1609
Gauteng Province, RSA

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Contact Details:

Office Cell: 083 777 6868
Workshop: 083 698 6911

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Prior Booking is Essential and Highly Recommended!

Workshop Working Times:

Monday to Friday

from 7:30 to 16:30

Closed on all Holidays


I've been driving diesel Vito's for 9 years now mainly as work but also as my personal vehicles. So you can say I am a "Vito man". After the remap at Hi-Tech i could not believe what I have been missing for so long performance wise. The van now reacts almost twice as fast with Very Smooth and steady acceleration. I never imagined it can go like it does now. I have opted for the Economy mapping but even so, I must say that the difference in performance is simply unbelievable. The fuel economy is now just a nice bonus. Really happy customer ! - Eugene (MB VITO-115)

vehicle electronics


What can I say... I was very sceptical about this! You simply can't do much with naturally aspirated V8 engine unless you do a major tune upgrade or supercharge it. All of which was not to my pocket. After the remap job, I was really surprised of how much more pleasure is to drive my 4x4 now. I only got 25HP-30NM boost, but when you put it when and where it matters the most, the vehicle performs very different. It's just really "alive" now. Suffice to say it puts a big big smile on my face every time "i step on it" :-))) Thanks Hi-Tech! -Daniel (ML55)

vehicle electronics


I own Mercedes Benz S320-CDI. The Hi-Tech Workshop remapped my vehicle 3 months ago. The car is noticeable so much more responsive now with much more power that before. I am still amazed how a one day job can make so much difference in the performance of the vehicle. I also noticed a very pleasant decrease in fuel consumption. I opted for the Economy map (+30BHP, +65Nm) and I get to enjoy around 20% fuel economy now. I'm very happy with the remapping job and recommend it to everyone. You simply have to have it done, it's nothing short of amazing! Alex King 30-01-2017

See actual differences in modified tune up files:

The Hi-Tech Workshop - differences in engine Remapping

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